A famous saying proclaims that ‘life imitates art’, which is something that you could easily apply to the fashion world, as people all over the world seek to create the ‘looks’ their icons have created.

Someone could be elevated to a ‘fashion icon’ because of a high profile marriage, through a job that thrusts them into the limelight, and onto the pages of glossy magazines, or perhaps they could be born into a society family. Anyone from a famous footballer or actor, to a model, TV presenter, or Royal Princess can be a fashion icon, although more often than not it’s the style choices of the women that grab the most headlines.

These are people that don’t purposely set out to be a one person style bible, they just end up that way because of who they are, and what they wear. Whichever route they take to becoming a fashion icon, they will find that the paparazzi are primed to capture every outfit, and fashion researchers will be ready to find out all the details. In a fast moving world, these photos can go live very quickly, and the impact can be just as immediate. Remember when Prince William officially announced his engagement to Kate Middleton? Her outfit of choice was a dress from Issa, which sold out at Harvey Nichols within mere hours of the photos being released. Some celebrities have also had the opportunity to design their own fashion lines, or collaborated with retailers or brands on items from prescription glasses, to bags, dresses, and jeans.

These people are making their mark, making a statement, and because of their position, are trendsetters on a large scale. To see the influence that celebrities have on fashion, you only need take a trip to the shops and scan the shelves for the likes of Style, Company, Vogue, Look, or the weekly gossip magazines, and you’ll see plenty of fashion spreads. There’s also commentary on the fashion hits and misses, and even guides on how to copy eyecatching hairstyles or make-up.

If you want to copy a look yourself, then keep your eyes open for ‘celebrities in high street fashion’ pieces, which will give you the low down, on who has been shopping at your favourite stores, and what they have been buying. ‘In-Style’ is one publication that likes to publish these. They have reported Rhianna wearing Top Shop, Olivia Palermo wearing Zara, Kate Bosworth shopping from the H&M Water Aid Collection, and Cheryl Cole buying from the Lazy Oaf label at ASOS.

ASOS is also a great place to do your celebrity inspired shopping, and is one of the leading online stores for both men and women. The ethos behind the site is to sell affordable versions of the clothes/outfits that you see in magazines, or at celebrity events. It was launched in 2000 and has thousands of products available, from a mix of own label to top name luxury brands.

Whether you buy from a celebrities fashion label, or just want to wear something similar to what your favourite pop star wore to a party, it’s all possible in today’s style conscious world. If celebrities are creating the fashion version of ‘art’, then it can’t be a bad thing to be influenced by it once in a while.

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